Bayne, Snell & Krause has successfully represented both consumers and builders in numerous claims involving defective construction, failure to pay by owners or general contractors, and abandonment of work in residential and commercial construction disputes.

Residential Construction/Remodeling

If you own a home or building that has suffered damage as a result of shoddy or defective construction or remodeling, you may be able to recover damages from the builder. 

Recent changes in Texas have imposed strict requirements on consumers bringing claims against builders for defects in the construction of homes.  Furthermore, the changes in the law have provided strict time frames in which you must bring a claim for defective construction.  Failure to properly follow these procedures can result in the loss of your right to obtain a recovery or have the builder repair your home. 

If you experience problems as a result of defective construction in your home, you should seek legal advice immediately.

Commercial Construction/Mechanic’s Liens

Bayne, Snell & Krause has successfully represented contractors and owners in commercial construction disputes, in courts and in arbitration, including claims involving non-payment, mechanic’s and material-man’s liens, defective construction, and abandonment.

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Your financial preservation and recovery starts with a strong legal team.

  1. Unethical contractor billing

  2. Failure to disclose construction problems in workmanship of homes and buildings

  3. Shoddy or defective construction in repairs of  homes and buildings

  4. Failure to honor construction warranty

  5. Failure to honor construction deadlines

  6. Injuries on your job-site.

  7. Construction loan problems

  8. Construction Insurance litigation

  9. Construction Contract Review and Advice

  10. Sub-Contractor Claims