The attorneys at Bayne, Snell & Krause have vast experience in representing consumers and businesses in Deceptive Trade Practices Act claims.  If you have suffered damages in a consumer transaction as a result of deception on the part of a business, car dealer, real estate professional, service provider, insurance company, or individual, you may be entitled to recover damages under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

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  1. Fraud in the sale of homes and commercial building

  2. Failure to disclose problems in the sale of homes and buildings

  3. Shoddy or defective construction and repairs of  homes and buildings

  4. Fraud and failure to disclose problems in the sale of cars

  5. Fraud in the sale of insurance policies

  6. Illegal interest rates in consumer finance transactions

  7. Unfair debt collection practices

  8. Shoddy or defective cars and products

  9. “Lemon Law” claims for defective cars

  10. Shoddy or defective repairs of cars or other items