Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a letter denying an insurance claim after you have faithfully paid your premiums for years.  If an insurance company has wrongfully denied a claim for benefits under a homeowners’ policy, a medical insurance plan, an automobile policy, a GAP car insurance policy, a disability policy, or other insurance policy, you may have the right to bring a lawsuit against the insurance company for failing to pay your claim.

In some instances, you can recover damages in addition to the amount of your claim, particularly if the insurance company acts in bad faith and unreasonably delays payment of the claim.

Insurance companies are very sophisticated, and you should not be at a disadvantage when negotiating a claim.  Having competent legal representation will assist you in obtaining a fair and prompt settlement of your insurance claim.

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  1. Foundation damage covered under homeowners’ policies

  2. Benefits due under long-term disability policies

  3. GAP insurance policies to cover amounts owed on cars

  4. Service policies and extended warranties on products and homes

  5. Health insurance benefits

  6. Fire damage to homes or businesses

  7. Mold damage

  8. Commercial policies